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2014 RMDS Quick 8 Champion
Mike Dowling

09/20/2014 RMDS Q8 Winner
Paul Eddins

The RMDS Q8 series is organized by a separate club, the Rocky Mountain Door Slammers, not Lost Creek Raceway and they have established the rules for the program.  Payouts are based on sponsorships that they have secured.  Please thank the sponsors identified on the bottom of this page when you see them.

The RMDS Q8 is an exciting program that is designed to identify the fastest 8 door cars at each race and qualify them in a competition that keeps everyone in the stands and on the edge of their seats!

Eligibility rules are simple in that you must enter a door car as identified below.  EVERYONE who meets these rules is encouraged to participate!  Cut-off Qualifying ET's vary from race to race and has been as low at 5.70 to 6.70 and up, with the fastest cars typically running in the 5.0's to 5.10 range.

Nitrous, Turbo's, Super Chargers often provide the excitement in this class of racing!!!
J&S Electronics
Radio Shack of Bozeman (Shane Heintz)

(406) 587-1613

Custom Trailers / Vern Mills
11650 Mallard, Missoula MT 59808
(406) 728-1488
Norm Jones Contracting 
8515 US Hwy 10
Missoula, MT 59808
(406) 240-3763


1.     Annual Membership in the RMDS is $50 per event with a maximum membership cost of $100.



      2014 rule changes are underlined.


1.     All cars must meet NHRA safety rules.  Chassis ET certifications will be strictly monitored and enforced.  It is the racers responsibility to know rules and limitations as it applies to your ET and MPH.   Cars must run 6.00 or faster in the 1/8th mile to qualify unless an exception is requested. 


2.     Qualifying runs are to be made when called by the tower only.  No additional passes are allowed prior to competition.  Vehicles entered in a Quick 8 race may not enter another class during the same event.


3.     Delay boxes and starting line controllers are allowed, Throttle stops and other bracket racing aids are not allowed in competition.  They do not have to be removed from the vehicle.  However, use during competition will result in automatic disqualification.  Any questions or suspicions of use should be brought to RMDS attention.


4.     A 4 tenths pro tree will be used for all Quick 8 races.  Your Dial-In will be displayed on the scoreboards during eliminations.  Deep staging is allowed. (It is the drivers’ responsibility to understand track rules for deep staging).


5.     Ensure ET is written plainly and visibly to the towers view.  Check for locations based on track.


6.     Door cars only allowed in the Rocky Mountain Door Slammers Quick 8 series.  Each car must have doors, fenders, roof, windshield, left-hand steer, and 4-wheel suspension. 


7.     A sportsman’s ladder will be used.  #1 qualifier vs. #5 qualifier, #2 vs. #6, #3 vs. #7, #4 vs. #8.


8.     A #1 qualifier bonus and trophy will be awarded to the #1 qualifier at each event.  LCR will provide the trophy, RMDS will provide the bonus.  (Bonus money will be contingent on sponsorship availability.)


9.     RMDS will provide payouts to the Winner, Runner-up and Semi-finalists.  A year end class champion bonus will be announced during the season.


10.  Lane choice will be awarded by qualifying and your previous round of eliminations, with the faster car getting to choose.


11.  Driver may only dial .2 tenths slower than their quickest qualifying or elimination pass during the race event.  Example:  Racers fastest qualifying time is 5.20; the slowest you can dial your car is 5.40.


12.  The entry fee for the quick 8 series is $80.  At the gate, pay $30 for a Quick 8 tech card.  Then come to Mike Dowling’s pit to pay $50 to compete.  $5 from each tech card will be used to provide the same 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies as other classes at the LCR annual banquet


13.  A completed event is defined as if one elimination round is completed on the day of the event.  Points will be awarded accordingly based on number of rounds completed.


14.  In the event a racer cannot make the first round of eliminations for any reason the next highest qualified competitor will be allowed to race as an alternate.  The withdrawing racer will receive event entry points + their qualifying position points only.  The alternate will receive points for round wins only (no points for qualifying position or Quick 8 points).


      15.  Racers that enter and do not qualify are eligible to enter the Electronics class or Super Pro Class for that day. RMDS will apply the difference in entry fees to the track if a racer chooses to enter an alternative class. 

           Competitors that lose first round may be allowed to “buy-back” into the second round of Electronics or Super Pro.  Verify with crew member at the head of staging prior to entering.


16.  Qualifying points (QP) will be given for the following position:


1st) 8 Points                   2nd) 7 Points                  3rd) 6 Points                  4th) 5 Points

5th) 4 Points                   6th) 3 Points                   7th) 2 Points                   8th) 1 Points


Points beyond qualifying:

Quick 8                         10 Points (everyone who qualifies gets event entry points)

1st round loss                            +20 Points (Total 30 + QP)

Semi-Final loss                                    +40 Points (Total 50 + QP)

Runner up                                                         +60 Points (Total 70 + QP)

Winner                                                                          +80 Points (Total 90 + QP)

Bonus points for entering all completed events that count for points                       15 Points



(4) 1st round outs                       30 points + QP

(2) semi-final outs          50 points + QP

Event Runner up                        70 points + QP

Event Winner                 90 points + QP


All RMDS rules are subject to change.  If you have any questions regarding these rules or changes, request clarification from an RMDS official.