Work party date moved to April 26th!!!!

595 Galen Road, Anaconda MT 59711         
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Celebrating our 29th year
of continuous Drag Racing!!!
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Work party date moved to April 26th!!!!

We need volunteers if you can make it the evenings of Thursday (April 24) & Friday (April 25) to help set up the forms for the concrete.  Estimated start time is around 5:30pm.
We will be hosting a work party on April 26th starting @ 9am.

There is a whole lot of work that needs to get done.  We will be pouring roughly 30 yards of concrete and need all the help we can get.  
We will also be painting the restrooms, ticket booth and concession stand.  If you have any painting or concrete tools please bring them.

All participants donating a minimum of 4 hours of work will receive a free test n tune to be used on any Friday night race.

Please come help us keep improving Lost Creek Raceway.  Call Mike Hall at 406-491-0403 if you have any questions.

Also the 2014 Rules have been updated so please make sure that you read them and get to know the changes.