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"Lost Creek Raceway's Core Value Statement"

Lost Creek Raceway is a Non-Profit Organization in which the sole purpose of its operation is to be able to provide a safe and controlled environment to all Men, Women and Children in the sport of drag racing. It not only teaches and helps participants by keeping illegal racing off of the streets but gives spectators a place to watch and enjoy racing activities. For this sole purpose “NO” board members are paid any wages for their efforts. They strictly volunteer all their time and efforts to keep Lost Creek Raceway operating year after year.

Whether you’re a hard-core racing enthusiast or just want to test your driving skills against others, Lost Creek Raceway: Street Legal Style presented by AAA and Lost Creek Raceway offers a fun and easy alternative to dangerous and illegal street racing. Lost Creek Raceway will allow anyone with a street legal car, a valid license, and proof of registration and insurance to race in a safer, controlled environment on the track. Lost Creek Raceway is dedicated to giving all aspiring drivers a safer place to race. It’s impossible to predict who will race on the street – men and women of all ages put themselves and others in danger by choosing to pursue their desire for speed on public roadways instead of at the track. NHRA, Lost Creek Raceway and the thousands of legitimate drag racers who use their talent for speed wisely urge them to choose otherwise.

Lost Creek Raceway's Financial Statements and Tax Returns are available to the public and can be requested at any time. All board meetings are open to the public at all times and we encourage anyone interested in Lost Creek Raceway to please attend. Without the help of the volunteers at Lost Creek Raceway we would not be able to keep our continuous operation alive. For all the volunteers, sponsors and donations we would like to say "THANK YOU".

Lost Creek Raceway cheerfully accepts all types of donations in which to include Money, Equipment, Labor and any type of donation that will help improve and or keep Lost Creek Raceway's operation constantly improving year after year. These donations give an opportunity for Men, Women and Children to be able to have a safe place to race by following the direction, rules and guidance of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).

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