Lost Creek Raceway Ultimate Gambler


Lost Creek Raceway Ultimate Gambler Format

$200 Entry Fee (Can Double Enter)

Electronics / Non Electronics classes separated until payout rounds.
As soon as payout rounds are determined then all remaining racers from Electronics / Non Electronics classes will be combined.

Payout rounds are considered 8 racers or less unless REMAINING racers decide to split payouts prior to the 8 remaining racers, at this time the classes will be combined and a new ladder determined by card draws.

All racers must remain in the class they had entered throughout the event.
Example: Racer enters race in Non Electronics, the racer cannot put a Electronics device in the car during any portion of the race.

$5000 Winner

$2500 Runner Up

$750 Semi's

$250 1/4's

2019 Champ: Britney Thornton