Lost Creek Raceway Ultimate Gambler



2020 Champions Andy Schmall "aka Schmallville"

Lost Creek Raceway Ultimate Gambler Format

$200 Entry Fee (Can Double Enter)

There will be 4 separate classes, NO BOX A --- NO BOX B --- BOX A --- BOX B.  If a racer double enters they will be placed in the A and B side of there perspective class.  This way the racer will not face themselves until the payout rounds.  Example: Joe racer double enters in the Electronics class, he will be placed in BOX A and BOX B.  BOX A and BOX B will be ran separately until we reach the payout rounds then ALL racers in the Box and No Box side will be combined and a new ladder will be generated at that time.

Electronics / Non Electronics classes separated until payout rounds.
As soon as payout rounds are determined then all remaining racers from Electronics / Non Electronics classes will be combined.

Payout rounds are considered 8 racers or less unless REMAINING racers decide to split payouts prior to the 8 remaining racers, at this time the classes will be combined and a new ladder determined by card / chip draws.  ALL remaining racers above the 8 entry number must agree unanimously to either start the payout rounds earlier or not.  If one racer votes no then that is the final decision.

All racers must remain in the class they had entered throughout the event.
Example: Racer enters race in Non Electronics, the racer cannot put a Electronics device in the car during any portion of the race.

$5000 Winner

$2500 Runner Up

$750 Semi's

$250 1/4's