Racing Starts @ 10am On Saturday !!!!!!!

595 Galen Road, Anaconda MT 59711         
(406) 491-0403

Celebrating our 29th year
of continuous Drag Racing!!!
Dedicated in promoting sportsmanship & a friendly family atmosphere
for racers, spectators and fans of all ages.


Pricing & Directions



Jr Drag Racer's

Pit Spots



RMDS Quick 8


Hillbilly Nationals

Specialty Races



Mike Hurley Engine Dyno
1107 Smelter Ave.
Black Eagle (Great Falls), MT
(406) 799-6867


Next Race Weekend Programs
Friday September 19
Gates Open @ 5:00 pm / Time Trials Begin @ 7:15 pm
High School Wally Race
Test n Tune / Gambler

Saturday September 20 Race #1
*** Saturdays Race Will Start Early***
Click here for a complete schedule outline

Gates Open @ 8:30 am Time Trials Start @ 10:00 am
National Dragster Wally Races
S/P, Pro, Spts, Jr's, Q8

Saturday September Race #2
Diesel Drags Wally Race
Please note NO Diesel Racing and or Test n Tune passes will take place until Race #1 is complete

Saturday September 20 Race #3
Summit Series Points Race.  S/P, Pro, Spts, Jrs
Overall Track Champion will be raced on Sunday after time trials

Sunday September 21
Gates Open @ 9:00 am / Time Trials Begin @ 10:00 am
Double Show Up Points Day (1st Points Race of 2015 Season)
*** Please note that the points structure is changing for 2015 ***
Racers will accumulate points with the following structure.
a. 11 points will be awarded for entering the event (Sunday Sept. 21 will award 22 show up points)
b. 10 points will be awarded to winners of round 1 & 2
c. 11 points will be awarded for each round won after round 2