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Acton (Yellowstone Drag Strip)

Anaconda (Lost Creek Raceway)

Lewistown (Lewistown Drag Racing)

Malta (Phillips County Motorsports)

2022 state points schedule:
Lost Creek Raceway - Anaconda - June 11-12,  2022
High Line Dragstrip - Malta - July 16-17, 2022
Lewistown Raceway - Lewistown - August 13-14, 2022
Yellowstone Dragstrip - Acton - September 24-25, 2022

2022 Champions

Sportsman & Overall State Champion: Josh Viall

Jr Dragster Champion: Keylee Wolff

Pro Champion: Jerry Malcomson

Super Pro Champion: Syl Scheid Jr


1)   The registration entry fee to join the MDRA is $25. This must be paid prior to your first     MDRA race. You will not be awarded any MDRA points if your registration entry has not been received prior to first round of racing the event.   Points will only be awarded to the racers that have paid their registration fee. Also you must be a member of the MDRA to be able to vote for special awards held at the MDRA banquet.

2)   MDRA classes will be Super Pro / Pro / Sportsman / Jr. Dragster.   Depending on the amount of Jr. Dragster racers signed up will determine whether there will be one or two Jr. Dragster classes for the season.

3)   Championship trophies will be given in Super Pro / Pro / Sportsman and Jr. Dragster. Class champions will be recognized at the MDRA state banquet.

4)   Special plaques will be awarded to each MDRA race day champion of Super Pro / Pro / Sportsman / Jr. Dragster.

5)   Jr. Thunder class is ages 8 -12 and Lightning class is 13 – 17.   If a Thunder racer turns 13 in the middle of the race season then they will finish the season in the Thunder Class.   They will not be able to transfer points to the lightning class.   It will be determined at the first MDRA points race whether there will be just one Jr. Dragster class or both Thunder and Lightning.   This will be voted on at that time by the racers representatives and board of directors.

6)   The class champions of Super Pro / Pro / Sportsman will run off for the Overall State Champion. The following format will be used.

  • Each class champion will be given one time trial with a dial in.
  • The best package, which includes dial in and reaction time, will be given the bye into the final.
  • The other 2 racers will then race with the winner of that race proceeding to the final for the state championship.
  • The state champion will be awarded special trophies for their accomplishments.
  • Cross talk will be allowed, if available, to the Super Pro racer in the runoff between S/P, Pro and Sportsman in the overall state championship runoff.

7)   Racers can race multiple classes but must have different race vehicles and be registered for each class entered.   You will not be allowed to race more than one class with the same race vehicle.

8)   In the event of a rain out each racer must purchase a tech card for that day to be able to receive their show up points.   Each racer must abide by the tracks rules also in the event of a rain out. Whether it is a rain check or port tree race, etc. etc.

9)   If a racer registers for multiple classes they will NOT be allowed to transfer points from one class to the other.   However if a racer is only registered in one class they may transfer points in the event of a vehicle malfunction.   Example: Super Pro car breaks down during time trials then driver has the opportunity to enter Sportsman class with their Sportsman car.

10)       $20 first round loser buy back will only be allowed on the Saturday program. Buy Backs will NOT be allowed in the Jr. Dragster program.     There will be NO buy backs in any class on the Sunday program.

11)       Each racer must race at 3 out of the 4 tracks to be awarded prizes / trophies / monies at the MDRA Banquet.

12)       The points structure for all classes will be as follows:

  • 11 points will be given for entering the race event.
  • 10 points will be awarded for wins in round 1 and 2.   You must win any round to be awarded the round points.   A first round buy back will not be awarded points for the round bought back in.
  • 11 points will be awarded for wins in rounds 3 and after.
  • 22 bonus points will be awarded for racers attending all 4 tracks.


  •  Points earned at every race the racer attends will be accumulated for the end of season final points.


  • John / Jane Doe enters the event: 11 points
  • John / Jane Doe loses first round but buys back zero points
  • John / Jane Doe wins round 2                     10 points
  • John / Jane Doe wins round 3                     11 points
  • John / Jane Doe wins round 4                     11 points
  • John / Jane Doe loses round 5                     zero points
  • Total points for John / Jane Doe 43 points


13)       In the event that there is a tie in any class at the end of the season the following tie breaker rule will be applied.

  1. The racers will run off at the last race of the season.   If the race is unable to finish due to weather or track constraints then the tie breaker will proceed to step ii.
  2. The racer with the most MDRA EVENT wins is determined the winner unless there is a tie you will proceed to step iii.
  3. The racer with the most MDRA EVENT runner-ups is determined the winner unless there is a tie you will proceed to step iv.
  4. The racer with the most MDRA EVENT semi finalists is determined the winner unless there is a tie you will proceed to step v.
  5. The winner will be decided by a flip of a coin if there are ties in steps ii through iv.